Saturday, 13 October 2012

Your opinion needed - which photo do you prefer?

To me, the two photos look dire and self-besotted.
< This photo has become my face on the internet - for Facebook, Google, Blogger & Twitter. A friend took it on a night out - when we were enjoying a joke about my preference for 'sheep-hair' men who have curls so thick that it's hard to imagine putting your hand in and getting it out easily. I'm smiling, and suppressing a giggle! It's a good 'un for social networking because it looks gleeful, and as though I'm inviting people to share in the fun.

< Or, this one which was taken during my birthday, in a softly lit Yorkshire pub. You can't see the wrinkles around my eyes like in the crisper one above. But it does have the look of a 1970's photo because of the photo quality. Were I to use this as my profile pic, someone might think I was a 60-something woman trying to pretend that she was in her twenties! But maybe its hazy, romantic quality is appropriate for a blog-about-a-novel that is entitled  
Love for Beginners.

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