Monday, 15 October 2012

Fire red? Grass green? Which colour of the background of blog title?

At this time of writing, I have changed the colour of the background on the blog title several times. From every shade of crimson to yellow-brick-road, to verdant green and now to a dark red. Red is the univeral colour of passion, but green is a colour associated with romantic naivete.

'Green' is an older term for someone who is naive and easily fooled. The core characters are 'clueless' about love, are confounded about how to manage their relationship and the protagonist, Anna, is definitely naive when it comes to emotional attachments, until she learns hard lessons.

Every detail of design on this blog is meant to be symbolic of some theme in my book, Love for Beginners. To reflect the fact that the characters in the novel are mainly Irish-born but making a new life for themselves in London, it makes sense to reflect their Irishness by trumping the colour green. I may return to the mossy green shades. 

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