Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Oh, such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...

Lou Reed's Perfect Day. 


The Vatican led a tribute to Lou Reed when Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi tweeted lyrics from Perfect Day. The first tweet was, 'Oh, it's such a perfect day I'm glad I spend it with you Oh, such a perfect day You just keep me hanging on (Lou Reed)'.   This tweet was RT'd  969 times.

Taking lines from Lou Reed's classic song was a way for Cardinal Ravasi to segue into then tweeting the Bible verse, 'Be under no illusion: God will not be fooled. You're going to reap just what you sow (Galatians 6,7 and Lou Reed in Perfect Day)'.  This tweet was RT'd  54 times. 

I am a practising Catholic, but was not given Bible lessons as a child. The first time that I heard the verse, 'you're going to reap just what you sow', was when I heard the song, Perfect Day at age 11.

It's quite possible that had Perfect Day never been written, then I would not have heard the line from Galatians about reaping good crops if you do good works, and bad crops if you do bad works, until I was much older. 

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